What is it?

The BFB. BioFiltroBamb├╣ is a tool at the service of man and environment: a filter "smog-eating" to use especially in urban.

A synergistic system with filter capacity and absorption of pollutants that exploits the characteristics of bamboo. Enhanced with a particular system of watering-washing to enable the collection in the soil of the particles that are not absorbed directly from the leaves of bamboos. The cultivation process, completely natural, ecological and eco-friendly, complete operation of the bio filter.

With this method the result of surfaces, horizontal but also vertical, high-capacity filtration evergreens can reduce fine dust and air pollutants.

Round and flower beds, But even residual or polluted areas, would a new function: with a low impact maintenance also reducing CO2 emissions and improving the image of the city.

Why bamboo

  • It is a perennial creeping herb from 0.5 in 25 Meters high.
  • The best trai timbers for hardness and strength almost equal to those of steel and concrete with better performance.
  • Has the record for speed of growth: 1 m/day.
  • Reduces the presence of CO2 in the atmosphere and generate the 35% in more oxygen compared to trees.
  • It grows successfully in degraded areas and brownfield sites so particularly suitable for reclamation and environmental improvement.
  • Prevents the hydrogeological and favours the consolidation grading and reforestation: can grow in just 30 cm of soil.
  • It is already used as a wetlands plant wastewater.
  • II bamboo does not need pesticides or special fertilizers to grow successfully

The advantages

The system BFB. BioFiltroBamb├╣ gets the following benefits:

  • Achieve rapid growth and a complete renaturation
  • Versatile system: horizontal development (meadows, flowerbeds, ...) and vertical (Hedges, stains, Woods, ...)
  • Absorb pollutants (from the ground and from the air)
  • Mask with green "effective" in what bamboo is always green!
  • Materialize a Bio Filter "active" with setting powders and fine particles
  • Cut emissions CO2 and produce O2
  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs
  • Resistant, Sturdy and does not suffer from particular diseases

Where to use it?

The system BFB. BioFiltroBamb├╣ due to its versatility it can be used for the following main purposes:

  • Residual areas in infrastructure (traffic island, flower beds, roundabouts, ...)
  • Restoration of degraded areas
  • Stabilization of slopes and slopes (hydrogeological)
  • Parks, gardens as urban arreedo
  • Masking and landfill recovery and/or industrial areas
  • Mobile sites, exhibition areas, pedestrian Islands confinement


About us

BFB Bio Filter: bamboo is a collaboration of two companies in the area that synergistically combined mutual experience and technique. Contact us without obligation!

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Via Moncenisio 39
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Bamboo Smart Technology
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