This year I want to introduce and launch this initiative that will certainly pleased lovers of nature and healthy products. From today, by joining this project, It is possible to sponsoring a bamboo plant of our bambuseto in the Susa Valley.

Adoption lets you follow at a distance the various phases of Organic fertilization and irrigation from bamboo to the collection and processing of the leaves and to receive its products direct to your door.

Adopt a bamboo plant also plays a significant ethical significance: allows you to be assured of the quality and origin of the product and makes you fully participate and protagonists of a genuine quality Italian agricultural support, for a healthy and conscious, against speculations of multinationals and large scale distribution, looking primarily for profit, at the expense of the quality of the products and consumer health.

How does that work

You simply pay an annual fee (€39.00) to adopt a bamboo plant that is found in our bambuseto in Val di Susa in Torino (TO).

You will immediately receive via email the adoption certificate attesting your adoption and which can be kept, Why not print framing and hanging.

From now on you will become a virtual farmer of a bamboo plant, they follow the growth, biological treatment, the various transformations and changes that your plant will have in the year up to the collection and preparation of its products and derivatives.

When the production cycle is over, about mid-October, you will receive directly at home products of your plant.

Actually I'm going to take care of your plant with passion and care, just like you. Once a month and in the most important moments of cultivation, I'll update with an email on his health, about what I have accomplished. In addition to give general information about bamboo, on his many properties, on its use, and much more you discover along the way. All of course accompanied by photos and details to participate of the various production phases.

If you want then, You can come and see me and I'll let you actually know your plant with a lot of curiosity and news about bamboo.


  • Adoption certificate by email.
  • Subscribe to a monthly Newsletter with updates on the cultivation of bamboo , property, uses, trivia and more.
  • 5 organic products of your bamboo you'll receive for free and direct to your door from mid-October, After harvesting and preparation:
    • 1 bamboo herbal tea 30 g Pack
    • 1 Pack of goji berries and bamboo tea 30 g
    • 1 bamboo and lavender herbal tea 30 g Pack
    • 1 bamboo dark chocolate 50 g Pack
    • 1 bamboo oil Pack 100 ml
  • Visit our bambuseto as many times as you like, by appointment.
  • Discount of 10% on all courses, activities, and ebook published, valid for the duration of the adoption.

You will be then informed rebate preview, promotions and new products.

All this for € 39,00.

Adoption is unique and has a duration of one year, There is no automatic renewal. If you'd like the next year you can renew it.

Adhesions to "adopt a bamboo" can be activated at any time of the year.

Mine is a small farm, the adoptions have therefore a limited number for up to 100.